Lawn & Landscaping

A few years ago, I was asked to do some work for a new landscaping client. Honestly, they stiffed me on the bill. As a freelancer, being stiffed is a Rite of Passage, but this one always stuck with me...

My dad owned and operated a landscaping company for nearly 18 years. I started working with him during the spring break of my 6th grade year. Then every spring break and summer after that. Which turned into my high school job my senior year. After I graduated, I ran a full time crew, while taking night classes at the community college. And then stayed on to work the summers between the college years away from home. I had too much time invested to not give the project my best. 

I decided to take one of the unused logo concepts and do the job justice. FOR MY POPS! I outfitted a finalized logo with some additional assets, alternate logo arrangements, cards, invoice, flyers, crew tees, and an ultimate supremo truck decal extravaganza!