Baton Rouge Display.jpg

Baton Rouge Tiger Tee

This tee was created for a mission trip with the junior high ministry, that my wife and I volunteered with for years. The team gave me free rein with the concept.

 Having illustrated a fair share of bears, I jumped at the opportunity of drawing a Tiger. The mission trip designed to assist a church was to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to assist a church located near LSU's campus. I wanted something big and fun, to draw attention, as the team would be wearing them at numerous outdoor events. 

Little gems that stand out, would be the flag and thunder bolts, which are call backs to past tees created for the ministry. The "Skeaux" is a Cajun twist on a word "Sko" that we had created and adopted as a team, in place of "Let's Go!"

baton rouge sample.png